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Grayson Nichols

Username: graybone (Pokerstars), The_Dean221 (Full Tilt)

Languages Spoken: English

Area: MTT coach


Grayson played HSMTTs for a living from 2006-2013 under the name, “The_Dean221”. While being backed by Alex Kamberis (AJKhoosier1) and Chris Moorman(Moorman1), he amassed over 4 million in online tournament cashes. Grayson became a training site professional at Pocketfives.com where he was also ranked in the top 20 in their world-wide tournament rankings. Since Black Friday, he has become a full-time personal coach, currently working with 20 students from over 10 countries.


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  • Suitable for beginner and midstakes players

  • Printable pre-flop cheatsheet  for live poker

  • Poker term glossary

  • Pre-flop charts

  • Complex strategies explained in 10 minutes!

  • FINAL QUIZ to test your knowledge of the content

  • Written content for plugging leaks

  • 13 videos



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  • Suitable for experienced and 

    midstakes players

  • Mastering the game of poker, piece by piece

  • Material from select sessions in form of charts, slides and pictures

  • Five lessons a month

  • Explaining complex strategies in easy to understand methods.

  • Supplemental work between sessions

  • Recording after the session. You will have access to the login page.

  • 60 minutes group session



We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.




"As a coach Grayson is emotionally invested in your wins, losses and overall swings as a player and will help you sort through them as they come."


Alex Jacoby

Professional poker player

"Working with Grayson over a three year period has been the biggest contributor to my advancement in poker which cultiminated in Big Wins and a 35% cash rate in 2019"

Glyn Griffis

Financial Advisor





"Over the past five years Grayson has taught me everything from better basics to advanced skills and reading people and situations."

Seth Bobet

Corporate Recruiter


"Marko has a one of a kind drive to constantly improve and he knows how to do so effectively."



Johannes Korsar "Greenstone25"

Professional poker player

I really had no idea that I was making such rookie mistakes pre-coaching and I am pretty sure a
lot of you are probably in the same shoes as me before I met Gray!"



I just completed my 10th lesson with Grayson and the way he approaches and thinks about
MTTs will help you become a winning player. Not only does he have a great poker mindset and
skill, but he is also an awesome teacher.

aqb, 2+2 member

Grayson has been working with our stable for about a year and we have seen marked
improvement in most of our players ranging from relatively new micro players to very successful
low/mid stakes players.



Any problem you throw at Grayson he uses relentless logic to take it apart and make you draw
the proper conclusions. Both theoretical and motivational aspects of the game are covered.
You will profit from each lesson whether you are a new player or a veteran like myself.



We have been
working on my game for a few months now and the results are unbelievable! I can't remember
anytime in my "poker career" that my game improved so much in such a short time.


"I managed to win a SCOOP title, I won the event 04 Low $27 buy-in for $35,000 with 13k
people. This was possible just after coaching with Gray, before I was basically a donator, now I
feel pretty confident to beat the game. Study, trust the process and that's what happens
guys...thank you very much Gray!


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